Carvin Bolt Bass kit Reviews 5

$339 direct from Carvin with no optional add ons. I also got the tweed hard case for $60! half off the normal price.

This bass is an amazing value. It's sound is sweet. It plays well. The materials are top notch. High quality hardware. You have to finish the wood yourself but that is not difficult. If you have no experience setting up your own instruments this is a good way to learn. I made mine a beautiful orange/brown with a handrubbed satin finish. The neck is reinforced very well and it has an ebony fingerboard.

I can't really complain about any aspect of this bass.

The machine work on the body and neck were nearly flawless. I just had to do some minor sanding.

Simple and good. Fun to say I built it myself.

Steve Thompson rated this unit 5 on 2002-02-04.

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