Carvin LB76F Reviews 5

Six String Lined Fretless bass with Blueburst finish

I wanted a six string fretless bass and I was having touble finding one in a store. I had another Carvin bass that I liked so I looked into purchasing one from Carvin's website. I got i customized just how I wanted and paid about $1k for it.

I love Carvin, I was so excited when I received this bass, I ordered it from the manufacturer and it took about a month to make with my customization. I got the blue burst finish, fret lines(because this was my first fretless bass, and I wanted to make sure I would be able to play it!), and I got the 'tung oil finish' which is for the back of the neck, instead of being the same feel of the body, the back of the neck is nice as smooth, it was worth every penny! I love everything about this bass, the playability is excellent, I can easily and comfortably reach every note on the fretboard. The tone is just my style, and having an on-board EQ is an added bonus. I have never had a problem with this bass, I would recommend it to anyone.

There is not much and I can say I don't like about it, I guess I can say the tone is not very everyone, but me personally, I can't find anything wrong with it. Although Carvins do have a low resale value because of they are all custom manufactured, so do not buy one unless you plan to keep it forever, try to find a cheap used one first to see if they are for you.

Beautiful construction, it has a sturdy neck through design, and has never given me any problems. Every component to this instrument is well made and will last.

I love it, Carvins are great instruments for a great price!

ctargia rated this unit 5 on 2010-05-10.

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