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Directly from them, it's all factory direct, unless you get it used. I paid around $900 with all the options.

It's the best looking piece of wood I've ever seen. This thing has tremendous tone, and the lowest action neck without and string buzz. I ordered mine with a nice flamed blueburst with gold hardware and some nice abalone block inlays. The single/single/humbucker setup is great. I personally prefer a crisper sound, so I just use the bridge humbucker most of the time. The sperzel locking tuners are great, and It rarely goes out of tune. (Except for the stupid B string.) I just have a little Crate with a 10 inch speaker, not good sound. But I've run it through my friends' Fender Stage 160, and it was quite beautiful. I've played a friends' $2000 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe, and it doesn't really even compare.

the fact that the B string goes out of tune quite often. But that's not a big deal, most people probably wouldn't even notice, I'm just picky. I also do quite a bit of extreme string bending, so that doesn't help either. Other than that, it's absolutely perfect.

It's a good solid body with a perfect neck and very nice rosewood fretboard. The flamed maple top is a nice touch as well, and sadly enough, I've hit it against my amp and my wall a few times, quite hard actually, and there wasn't even a scratch. A very nice high gloss finish. Beautifully constructed.

For the price, this is unbeatable. Even if it was $3000, (which is what it's worth) it's still ahead of every other guitar I've seen, heard, or played.

Wes Bender rated this unit 5 on 2002-02-07.

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