Carvin SC90S Reviews 5

$650 on Sale at Carvin Store in Santa Ana, CA. Based on everything I checked out in person...I would mail order anytime from Carvin.

Many custom upgrades included, solid MAH body, neck-through construction, great sustain, flamed maple top, solid locking tuners...that actually stay in tune better than most units. Real MOP block inlays. Sounds like a Gibson LP standard with a rounded feel, improved balance and less weight.

If anything at all...maybe the PUPS.

Excellent build...looked at a few GIBSON LP standards before and found several minor flaws (paint,inlays,neck problems) on at least 3 electric guitars. Then I checked out the CARVIN store and every guitar that I looked at was in perfect condition. Excellent 'Made in the USA' guitar with great customer service.

Great guitar, I wish they had the new California (PRS type) at the time...looks like a nice one. However, I would highly recommend the Carvin line to anyone looking for an awesome guitar at a fair price. These Carvins are just as nice as PRS and IMHO better than most LPs...costing twice as much.

SoCAL player rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-25.

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