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Neck Through Floyd Rose Active Electronics Beautiful Flame Maple Top and head stock Tung Oil neck Curley Maple Fretboard

I have been waiting to buy myself a present for the past few years. I have been raising kids, on my own, for the past 6 years and cant remember the last time I spent money on myself. This was to be my Dream Guitar!' Carvin is made in the USA and they look beautiful. I spent $1750.00 . I have been saving all year, little by little.

It took 6 weeks to arrive, and when it did, it was amazing! It looked beautiful in every way. Yes! I got my Dream Guitar...I thought.

The hi E string pops of the board when you do pull offs, or tapping and trem. Damn it! I have to send it back. Here's the bad part; Carvin's tech didn't want to admit their guitar had a defect. He said, 'Just play softer.' Moron, I said to myself. He said he didn't know what to do. After numerous calls and a few weeks without them touching my 'Dream Guitar' the operator says the tech can't tald, but is going to refret the neck. I call to see if its done. 'Dude, I can't fix it. Sorry,'

Don't let the looks of the guitar fool you. You do NOT want to go throught what I am going through right now.

Carvin should be making pool tables, or something other than a musical insterment. I really had high hopes. Sure, I've heard some good reviews, but they never had to deal with Carvins absolute lack of standing behind their product and lack of customer service.

Steveracer rated this unit 1 on 2010-12-08.

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