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Well me and my friend are Dj's, and we didn't want to buy JBL's because they just costed too much for not enough. So we went looking around in the carvin store just to go look at speakers but we really werent serious about buying anything that day. So they showed us the 1588's and as soon as we heard them we were sold. We couldnt believe what we were hearing. Then they told us that they were on sale for 499.99, we just had to take them.

I like that they are big, i mean u need two people to carry them, but if u have a dolly them its no problem. I like the two 15"s, and the tuning of the box. You get such great low end anywhere. And with the two mids and the horn you can just hear everything. Its amazing. I love it.

theres not anything that i dont like about this unit, im planning to buy more.

Dj rated this unit 5 on 2003-10-13.

We just put a band together after 2 years of just messing around. We really started to get into live sound...a few steps up from sing and playing threw guitar amps and home stereo speakers. I was already familiar with Carvin from their guitar line. I never heard to much about their Loudspeakers until I talked to a friend of mine that used the TR1502's for his vocals. I called Carvin and hashed out the type of setup we needed and the money we had to spend. There customer service rocks...quick and the employee's know their stuff! He set me up with a pair of 1588's and I've never heard anything come close for the price. For $599 you can't beat the sonic output of these babies!

The thing that I like the most is the driver layout and power handling. The fact the having two 15's is awesome for bass output (sound killer for the kick and toms), include the two 8's for mids/bass (great for vocals and guitar), and a 15x7 horn...that's when you have a great combination for a seamless transition from your lows to your highs! The real magic happens when you Bi-Amp these cabinets. The drivers that carvin chose are a perfect match. I'm running only one CE2000 (channel for highs and one for lows) at a 1000 watts a side at 2ohms. I use a DBX driverack set in 2x2 with a 2k crossover point.I haven't had these up all the way yet but, let's just say they were so loud that people started complaining two blocks away from where we were playing and we were inside with just a window open in our basement! I can't say enough about these cabinets. Carvin really put together a great PA. I've had mine for over a year and never had a problem. We've played in 95+ degrees at our last gig with almost 80 to 90% humidity after a little rain shower and no driver damage and no signs of the carpet coming off!

Pretty heavy if your the only one around to move them...needs wheels, or bring a dolly.

Construction is cheap particle board..just good wholesome 3/4 plywood. The drivers are built extremely well...believe have to hear them. They do alot for the watts you throw at them. Speakons and 1/4 inputs which are a plus. The internal crossover is built like a tank. Good large gauge wire going to the drivers...not cheap solid core crap. I really like the duratuff covering and the steel powdercoated grill and the recessed handles.

Like I said won't find a better loudspeaker for the price that is loud as hell with good response, incredible Bass, Mids, Highs, and outstanding construction anywhere. Before shelling out tons of money on EV, JBL, and Makie...check these out. In my opinion they have just as good constrution, durability, and sonic output as some of the big brand names without having to pay for it.

Chris rated this unit 5 on 2003-06-27.

Bought off the internet directly from Carvin. Paid $599 for each speaker. Each speaker has 2-15's, 2-8's and a large horn.

These are KICK ASS speakers. I play in a rock band (LOUD) and we use only 1 speaker cab per side for any size room, some of them seat 800 people. Running them through a Carvin DCM2000. What more can I say, we can part a bald mans hair from 200 feet!

The covering comes loose if you just think about them being moist/wet. Carry some liquid nails with you! They weigh 125 lbs. each, but are well worth the weight. Buy a hand truck with inflatable wheels!

Top quality construction (other than the covering which is something I can live with). The BEST bass sound I've ever heard without pumping two huge subs. Extremely high volume levels, deep bass, clear crisp sound. Never have heard any distortion from this speaker system, even when running fairly wide open.

We play concerts, festivals, casinos, nightclubs and have never sounded weak or underpowered. If you need clear, crisp volume at a totally silly low price, these are the cabinets for you!

RD rated this unit 5 on 2003-06-16.

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