Cashimira 105 FLAMENCO Reviews 5

I got this online on the Stafford guitars site (England) After much research, I decided to try this relatively unknown manufacturer. I paid around $1200 total w/ shipping and customs charges.

Luthier build playablity and sound! Correct type woods used (solid spruce, cypress, ebony- all book matched although not the best grade but that's expected w/ factory built), bigger size dimensions/scale, real bone nut and bridge saddle, and nice looking headstock. The price is right also. After I've played it for a couple of weeks and took it out on a live show, I realized that this will be my main gig guitar. If something happens to it, I'd buy another one. The tone has soul, the top is very responsive, and it's fairly loud. The back of the neck profile is fairly flat, and the playability is superb! If you play in your living room, this guitar will play sweet for you. If you play out a great deal, you'll love it's power and bright (almost metallic) sound that cuts through the mix.

Cheap machine tuners.

The crafmanship is almost perfect! No rough or dull spots. But as with all Flamenco guitars, the woods are cut very thin so it's very fragile. A nice hardcase is a must!

If you don't want to take your $3000 plus concert guitars on the road but want the same feel and performance, then try this baby! Buy it now and thank me later.

Mel rated this unit 5 on 2002-09-26.

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