Casio WK 1630 Reviews 4

I GLADLY paid $300 for this exellent keyboard at Sam's Club AFTER I saw it for $400 at Circuit

EXELLENT sound, more keys (73), MIDI (I actually made a version of WCW's nWo theme and put it on the internet), and the ability to create songs and voices.

Quality of SOME of the voices (Overdrive guitar, muted trumpet, distorted guitar [Some might say it sounds crummy to me because I am also a rock guitarist] and strings3), not enough song memory when making your own song(s) and that's it.

Exellent construction, plenty of sound for the beginner (10 watts).

This is an (I know you've probably heard this before) EXELLENT keyboard for this price. The only one close to this price range that can measure up to it is the Yamaha PSR 530/540 ($500) I would reccomend this keyboard to the smart beginner, or to a seasoned player looking for a practice board.

Cody W. rated this unit 4 on 2001-07-10.

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