Casio WK-1630 Reviews 5

Bought it at Guitar Center for $299.

Absolutely everything!


Considering the WK-1630's reasonable price I'd say the construction and quality are amazing.

I recently bought a similar Yamaha unit, DGX-202. Returned it and bought the Casio WK-1630. No comparison. The Casio blows the doors off the Yamaha! I am new to keyboards and am thrilled that I now have the WK-1630 to learn on. The sound and the functionality on this unit are incredible.Do not hesitate to buy one if you are thinking about it.

Thomas Bricker rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-12.

I ordered this unit off the internet from I have played piano and keyboard in the past and had been without one for about 7 years I thought it was time to have one again. I paid $260.00 for mine. It was a refurbished unit.

First the size. (76 keys) I really like the range of sounds and full 32 note polyphonic. I haven't even begun to touch the mixing range. It has a 16 channel mixer. The feel is very solid and I like the fact that I can turn on or off the touch sensitive keys. The ability to play 4 instruments at the same time is also a very slick feature. The sound that comes out is fantastic.

Only a couple of small things. One it has only a two song memory. Some of the instruments sound a little off in certain parts of the range. It can sound real good in one octave and you move up one and it sounds kinda funky. Thats about it.

It appears to be pretty solid. It is mostly plastic but the speaker covers are metal with is a nice touch. Keys could be a little heaver but not a real big issue for the price. I don't know how portable it would be but I don't travel with it so that shouldnt be a problem with me.

I looked around and several different models in this price range. For the money I feel I got the BEST keyboard I could have. I have only had it for about 2 weeks but am already playing some good music. I am real happy and satisfied with my investment.

TBrigham rated this unit 4 on 2002-06-28.

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