Celinder Vintage 5 Reviews 5

I bought this Bass from noted Nashville Bassist Jake Willemain. I was considering purchasing a Sadowsky, but, after visiting with some other Touring Players that owned both Sadowsky and Celinders,I bought the Celinder. I payed $1800 used.

First...IT'S BEAUTIFUL! The finish is unbelievable. The engineering is flawless. The craftsmanship is a 139 on a scale of 10. It plays so wonderfully. Low action without alot of unwanted noise. The quality and amount of tonal variation is staggering. It has very high output for a 9 volt preamp. Tremendously powerful lows, yet tight and focused with sweet articulate mid range and sweet clear highs without that irritating preamp gzurr! I've owned several great high end basses...Mike Lull, Warwick, Tobias...etc. This bass sends them all back to the drawing board.

Like all 35" scale basses...it's a handful. The weight is quite manageable. Due to the difference in dimentions, it's not interchangable with alot of other cases more readily available. I would like to see an active/passive switch on one of the pots. I wish that it was easier to contact the company...(Celinder.) I had questions that they could have helped me with...and probably have sold me another NEW bass...that I had to take elsewhere because they could not be reached AT ALL! I have been told by several touring players that this is the price that we pay for playing a little bit of heaven.

35" scale bass. Bolt on neck with the neck screws going into inserts in the wood. The same with the back plate. Easy to change batteries, but you have to unscrew the whole plate. The Celinder pickups and preamp have to be heard to be believed. I never imagined that any bass could have 1/10 of the variety of sounds that this one does. Very comfortable bass to play. In a rehearsal situation, I've found that the preamp doesn't drain off the battery nearly as fast as most other preamps. I do unplug when I'm going to be away from it for a couple minutes anyway. This is the most thought out bass guitar that I've ever seen...let alone played.

These basses are an excellent value. They hold their value really well. The new price is frankly a couple thousand less than I believe players would pay for these basses...not complaining! Sadowsky makes an excellent bass, as does Mike Lull, and some others. I will probably own a Sadowsky or two before it's all done. I've got a Lull, and will likely own more. However, after owning this bass; I'll never touch another Warwick or Tobias. This blows their best stuff "out of the park!" All basses are different...sound, feel, personality. The Celinders are just FABULOUS!! They are "players." A couple of dings won't effect much. These have classic good looks, styling, and vibe. The sound is unmatched by anything that I've ever heard. When I was looking at these; a Bassist that works for a very famous Recording Artist told me: "Before you plunk down your money on that _ _ _ _ _ _, you owe it to yourself to play a Celinder." I'm glad that I listened to him!

Doc Nelson rated this unit 5 on 2004-05-11.

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