Century Custom 5- Piece Drumset Reviews 3

I got this kit for Christmas about 2 and a half years ago. The kit was bought online from a music store in New Jersey. The drumset included all hardware and a pair of 14" hi hats and a 16" crash. It cost about $189.00 for all of it.

This kit was my first kit and it has really stood up to what I have put it through. The shells (which I think are poplar) are made well and the wrap finish is still looking great to this day. With proper tuning and new drumheads, this set sounded great for the cost.

Being a beginners drumset, it obviously had its flaws. The stands were single braced and werent very sturdy. The biggest problem with the drums are the heads, witch is pretty basic for beginner kits. They are only single ply and dent quite easily. I replaced them with Remo heads. The cymbals were also poor quality, but having a kit that comes with cymbals is great to start you out! Once you replace the heads, bass pedal, cymbal stands, and cymbals, youll be set!

The construction of the shells are actually good quality, contrary to most beginners sets. The wrap finish is good quality as well. The only problem with the costruction of the kit is the kick pedal, witch often clicks when played heavily.

This kit is PERFECT for any young or starter drummer who is looking to buy a good kit at an extremely low price! Buy this drumset, play for a few years on it; it will take what you dish out until you feel that your ready for a higher priced kit.

Evo- lution rated this unit 3 on 2004-08-05.

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