Cerwin Vega CVA121 Powered PA Subwoofer Reviews 4

It's black, 24 inches square on the floor and 33 high .... weighs 180 lb, comes with casters.

From Guitar Center, $1400.

It's DEEEEEEP. If you sit on it whilst playing, it's invigorating ! ! Goes down to 35hz and runs 1200W RMS.

As a bass amplifier, it has two glaring deficiencies. Firstly, it weighs 180 lb. The other problem is that you can't use it by itself. Of course you need a DI, bass pre-amp or other line level source to 'talk' to it, but the real reason you can't use it by itself is that it has no low-mid or high-mid output .... just low-low and sub-low. So, when you play it by itself, your D-string is weaker tah your B, E, and A, and you G-string will just go mute at around C# [and everywhere above that].

Finish is weird, a textured black paint over a 'body wrap' or 'skin' [instead of a primer layer. It's not a great finish, but then it's not livingroom furniture. It has sockets in the top, so you can add a PA cab on a pole [into a socket] to fill out the missing frequencies. Quality seems substantial. 180 lb will ALWAYS feel substantial !

FWIW, there's an 18'' version that costs less, either 500 or 700 watts [2 versions] and weighs about 60lb less [depending on version]. You'd still need a PA cab or powerful bass head and bass cab to fill out the frequency spectrum, but you'd have a maximally killeresque bottom end. Whole package would weight about the same as an SVT with 8x10'' cab ... and some players DO haul such a rig. I'm rating it a 4, cuz it's impressive, but as a bass amp, it's not a complete rig.

Golem rated this unit 4 on 2011-01-19.

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