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I wanted to buy an electric guitar with H-S-H pickups and Floyd Rose trem. In an Ibanez distributor there were two pcs. of this Charvel guitar on a price I didn't want to believe! I Payed 42.000 HUF for that japanese made instrument which was half o the price of a korean made Jackson - without locking trem!

First of all: it was made in Japan, all the peaces of this guitar were first class quality. The neck, the body, the electronic, the color of thet guitar were very-very good! And the soun was a real fat sound! The neck and the bridge PU-s had a great, increased middle frequency, and had a high output level together with humfree operation.

The sound was quite sharp, good for rock, hevy metal music, and I didn't play that style. The volume knob vas placed too close of the bridge, so it was a little bit uncomfortable to play. Jumbo frets were placed on the fingerbord, and I don1t like this type.But these dislikes have nothing with this guitar to do! It's my taste, nothing else! Oh, may be there is one thing: the middle pu is nothing special.

This guitar is real japanese. Good construction, escellent quality, very good sound, absolutely good neck, nice look, good machineheads and trem.

If you play rock music and prefer japanese made guitars, and seek after at least Gibson or Fender or Ibanez quality for much less money - this must be your choice!

Blatniczky János Dániel rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-20.

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