Charvel Charvette Reviews 4

Aquired this one from a pawn shop in North Bay Northern Ontario for $275.

I love the colour scheme. It's a real crazy red with black crackles and it is so intricate and awesome. The pickups absolutely scream when you turn on the distortion, and surprisingly they also have a not bad clean sound. I am pretty sure however that whoever owned mine before me swapped out the humbucker. The neck/fretboard is wide and the frets are massive so it makes soloing very easy. Finish is also very durable.

The neck pickup hasn't got high enough output to match the rest of the guitar. That's about it.

Construction is solid. I've been playing it for 2 years now and other than changing strings and cleaning I haven't done anything to it. The quality of the paint is beautiful. I can't believe how fine some of the work is on it.

This guitar rocks. It's perfect for anyone who wants something versatile enough to scream heavy metal leads and then quickly change to softer sounds. A guitar like this will also help to develope your soloing skills almost instantly too. Buy this guitar!

Dave Melanson rated this unit 4 on 2002-12-22.

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