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I am a guitar player, builder and repair tech. I have 15 plus years in music business. i like all kinds of music, prefer classics and acoustic guitar.

on Ebay for $3800.00 I bought it because i was told they were the best guitar for the money and investment.

very pretty guitar, sounds pretty good for the woods used in the design of the guitar. looks like parts bought of stewart macdonald site. no individuality in the design pretty basic.

extremely overpriced. the guitar is a good guitar feels good but the quality for what is on the market today is just not there. i have seen this guitar go for as much as $9000.00. you are throwing away $7000.00 to $8000.00. yea it is made of east indian rosewood but not worth the money. very disappointed in the hype.

very good finish and woods used.

dont buy ths guitar. if you have to have one because someone else does then a fool and his money are soon parted. otherwise save the money and buy something as good or better for a 10th of the money. good conversation piece if you dont play.

Ben nobi rated this unit 1 on 2007-12-06.

Purchased on EBAY for $2750. It has been my dream to own a Collings. While looking for a D2H or D1, I came across this D3. The first Collings I played was a D1. The depth and clarity of the sound and the sustain immediately got my attention. If "love at first sight" is possible with a guitar, this was it.

The beauty and simplicity of this guitar is as good as it gets. Next to that the craftsmanship is extraordinary (I have been through the Austin, Texas shop and seen first hand the meticulous work they do). The sustain for a guitar only 7 months old is incredible. I played a 1943 Gibson J-45 last week and this brand new Collings was miles ahead of it. It fingers very easily and the action was perfect from the shop.

Nothing, except the smudge I put in the finish on the back. I know it had to happen sooner or later but it still hurt.

As I have already pointed out the craftsmanship is A+++ (I am running out of adjectives). Bottom line: a beautiful work of art. That's it. It is a work of art. You don't want to play it at first but once you start you can't stop.

I have waited a long time (30 yrs) to buy a guitar of this quality. It has been worth it. I am thankful for the Collings company. They not only have built an instrument of impeccable quality but also are building a reputation as a company staffed by artisans and professionals. Their customer service is "out-of-this-world" no matter who picks up the phone or answers the e-mail. Thanks Bill (Collings) for the extra effort. It has made this old guy very happy.

Patrick Alvey rated this unit 5 on 2004-11-20.

D-3 Old Towne Pickin' Parlor ... Colo. I paid 3,900 which is list but they threw in a "Free" Calton case (worth $550) which I guess evens out with the disc. off list price.... not quite the deal of "Free Calton with every D-3" but .... the box is worth it !!!!!

It took a while to start "opening" .... but once the lid comes off, this guitar offers a tone from the "private stash" so to speak.... The D-3 is Indian Rose and Sitka ... standard woods but the difference is remarkable..... Martin, Bourgeious, Santa Cruz, Huss & Dalton.... I've played and considered all of these to great extent.... but the Collings took the cake, even cold and closed ..... and now that it's coming to life ... everyday the box matures and I'm still amazed.... we're nearing the '40s D-28's I've played ... and the collings shows no sign of stopping.

all my beef is with aethestics..... don't get me wrong this is a beautiful guitar... I'm just not a flash and fancy fan .... the D-3 comes with Gold waverly's and has an abalone rosette... I put on some fossil ivory waverly's and a vintage fire-stripe tor-tis pick gaurd... replaced the ebony bridge pins w/ fossil walrus pins .... I like the Ivoroid bound fingerboard with NO markers (takes a little getting used to) These modifications (aesthetically toward the collings winfield) have made right for me......

My D-3 (with mod.'s) is just about the perfect guitar for me.... i.e. dream box ...... if your lookling into one ... I'll say this ..... see bottom line

The tone can be heard as DRY ... whatever that invokes.... It's taken a while to build that "sustain" ... you know the one that many people seek.... BUT if you're counting on that sustain to act as a ring in which to hide behind, you're not going to get it. Honestly, you got play this guitar differently than you would a martin. This guitar makes your playing a little more naked.... don't be scared off .... just a different touch.... once you settle in with a collings .....

GrierFan rated this unit 5 on 2003-10-02.

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