Coltrane Riviera MSG 65A Reviews 4

found it at music go round for $275. was looking for a nice guitar to upgrade from my first old aria pro II.

The first thing that caught my eye was the finish--a beautiful flamed top, really pretty reds and golds. loved the body shape (PRS clone). it had the basics that i was looking for (H/H, no trem, set neck, bass-mid-treb switch) so i tried it out. its a real versitile unit, which is great because i play a huge range of music. the tone kicked ass, and the thing could be switch from a bass guitar sound all the way to a screaming treble.

First off, the tone nob sticks a bit. all it needs is a bit of sanding down underneath it, but still a pain in the ass. also, the tuners aren't the greatest, i had one fall apart on me (which really pissed me off for a bit), but i fiddled with it and its more or less back together.

Very excellent all around quality and construction, except for the tuners and the tone control, but i was planning on replacing the tuners eventually anyways so its no big deal.

All around, its a great guitar for under $300...if you can find one (i have found no other record of any coltrane guitar or even anyone who's hear about one). so if your looking for an intermediate level guitar, go for it. and if you've heard of coltrane or ever owned one, e-mail me about it...(

nate rated this unit 4 on 2004-01-08.

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