Condor BX-12 Reviews 5

I bought this bass new in the store. It look and sounds great. I paid more or less US$ 233,00.

It sounds great for slap. Itīs pickups sounds very good. Itīs finish is very good, no complains about it.

No complains.

The bridge pickup is great for slap, the middle donīt have a slap sound but sounds very good, and the neck pickup sounds very good 'cause it has a very low sound. The quality is great for a bass with this price.

This bass is perfect for me. I play metal, punk rock, blues, rock 'n roll. It sounds and looks great!!! Itīs the best bass guitar I ever played. If I lost it, I really buy it again.

anonymous rated this unit 5 on 2003-05-29.

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