Cort Headless 4-string (Steinberger) Reviews 4

Wood Finish

A drummer I used to played with had it lying around in his garage. He gave it to me.

Well the one I had was not in the best of shape. It had fallen into disuse and disrepair but I am not sure how repairable it was. The strings however stay in tune very well even for very old strings. Its a rarer find and a nice bass to have for show since its so odd looking.

The neck was bowed like crazy, I tried adjusting the trust rod and the thing would barely move. Also the strings are double ball ended strings and you can not just use any strings.

At least the one I had was poor construction. The neck was bowed and trust rod unmovable. Fret noise in a lot of places even with high action, and the electronics were shot on the one I owned, I never got around to fixing them, it just didn't seem worth it. Also when wearing the strap it puts the body in a odd position, making it more difficult to play standing up, it seems like the frets are all in the wrong places, the body isn't very comfortable to play on your lap either.

If you can find in good condition its worth it if you get a good deal on it.

ctargia rated this unit 3 on 2010-06-11.

I got this beast at Hermie's music for $175, it was 5 years old and out of production. What a looker! Many dents, but still the coolest looking thing in the world. I have gotten so many compliments, show after show. That's pretty much why I bought it, I was on a budget and it looks cool.

Awesome playability - good action, tight feel, super neck, etc. Strings are easy to replace (if you can find them!) because they have a ball at each end. This thing stays in tune and can take some banging around. Tone controls are very nice, have a wide range of stuff to do.

Strings are hard to find, the included gig bag is too small to put anything else in so I have to bring a backpack everywhere.

Very good quality, strings hardly ever break, doesn't go very far out of tune, sounds good after years of whacking.

A great bass if you can find one! Very rare indeed.

Kevinator rated this unit 4 on 2002-02-18.

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