Cortex HDC-3000 Digital Music Player Reviews 1

Disc jockey for several years. Do mostly weddings but occasionally college, high school proms, reunions.

Decided to go all digital as a start-up DJ business. Acquired unit in January 2007 - paid $899 but I would recommend the HDC-1000 over this. Not as many glitches.

Solid, well built. Nice features, nice look. Unit would be great except for one major flaw. It is unreliable and will not play through a 4 to 5 hour event without crashing.

Well, I see that I'm supposed to make this review entertaining and fun to read. Don't know if I can do that because this piece of equipment is sure not fun to use! This unit is unworkable for any DJ doing events where they must have reliable equipment. It cuts out in the middle of songs, reboots, etc. This is a known issue that Cortex says they are working on but no solution after many months.

Physical quality is good--looks great

If you want a lot of stress and frustration and like looking like a fool in front of a lot of people, this is for you. Otherwise, I wouldn't recommend it.

DJ 338 rated this unit 1 on 2007-09-13.

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