Crafter FRG250E Reviews 3

Bought off Ebay for 87. I was looking for a cheapish acoustic to keep at work to while away the hours.

After a re-string and nut replacement this guitar is quite nice to play. Neck seems pretty true with no buzzes. It looks nice in a blue burst colour and is well finished for a 'budget' guitar. Sounds pretty good to my ears although I've never played the supposed charmers, Martin etc. The shallow bowl-back design makes for a comfortable playing position and I reckon is it more hardwearing than wood.

For the money I paid I cannot complain about anything. If I'd bought it new for the 200 asking price I'd be disappointed with the flimsy plastic soundhole trim (very tacky). Although it wouldn't be too noticeable if it wasn't loose and removable; a bit of glue will fix it.

Seems very good. I guess the resin bowl back is cheap to manufacture so money can be spent elsewhere. The neck is better than I thought it would be at this price. Frets are nice and the tuners are of decent quality.

I wasn't specifically looking for the Ovation type guitar, but am pleased with this. It plays easy, sounds pretty good, is comfortable and looks nice too. Like many mass produced guitars, a great deal of improvement can be had by simply adjusting the action. I'd look at the competition before buying a new one, although overall, an undoubted bargain for less than 100.

GC rated this unit 3 on 2004-04-07.

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