Crafter FX-550EQ P Reviews 4

I bought this guitar just over a year ago now at Keys music shop in Manchester. I paid 150 pound for it witch I thought was good value money for this guitar.

The guitar had amazing action from the begining i bought it.The guitarhas really nicetone to it, and its not as tinny sounding as you might think. When you plug it in it gives you an amazing tone, however at loud noices can give you some nasty acoustic feedback. This guitar looks really cool, it comes with some nice finishes. Mines read, but I wish I would of got it blue now. The roundbacks really good you cant scratch it with your belt or anything, and you can lean over to play it with a lot more ease than a bulky acoustic. The sound unit comes with offers a great deal of effects.

The Strings wich it comes with are very poor, I would defantly recomend stringing it with some top quality strins. Mine sounds amazing with Elixir 11s they really give it that spark. I have a lot of trouble with it not working threw an amp I got it fixed and it kept breaking, however I did gig mine. With the guitar been a roundback you wont get that full ritch sound. The strings are a little close togher as you tend to find on low budget guitars. This makes finger picking really hard for those with big hands. other wise a decent guitar.

Hmmm... not the best as it a budget guitar, I got a lot of dints and things on mine. The tuning keys arent the most solid I once tripped while playing and and the key fell right off! The rounback is really a olt more durable than wood, and you dont have to be scared about scraching it.

Its a great guitar for beginners and those electric guitarists who want the playability of a elecric guitar on an acustic. Its defanatly more playable than those tanglewood oddesys, and sounds more brighter and better. With a small amout of money a proffesional tone can come from a beginners guitar.

Jamie rated this unit 4 on 2004-06-16.

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