Crafter GAE27/N Reviews 4

I bought this guitar on Ebay for $299.00. The average price for this guitar is about $500.00.

The inlay work is very beautiful. The action is very good. The tuners and electronics are also very good quality. Beautiful Rosewood on back. The vine inlay is what really makes this guitar standout. The inlay is tight and precise. OVERALL I LOVE THE LOOKS OF THIS GUITAR.

With the factory strings - the tone is a bit weak - it lacks the rich tones. The lower tones do not ring out like a my Martin, Alvarez and Rainsong. I am hoping I can improve it with new strings and bridge pins. I think I would rate the tone on a scale of 1 to 10 - an 8. It is not that bad for a very inexpensive guitar. I like to finger pick a guitar - the tone is much better with this guitar when using a pick.

The construction quality is very good. The finish is a bit grainy looking. All the joints are tight and well constructed. I will be replacing the plastic bridge pins. It has L.R. Baggs electronics - this is a PLUS!

I bought this guitar on Ebay - So I was not able to play it first. For the price, I probably would have bought it if I had an opportunity to play it first. For a solid wood top guitar - it is well worth the money! I would recommend this guitar to a budget minded person that want a guitar with presentation and solid construction.

CAS rated this unit 4 on 2005-08-04.

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