Crafter PK Rose Reviews 5

The PK Rose has Indian Rosewood back and sides and an Engelmann Spruce top. It has a venitian style cut-away and quite intricate inlay.

This guitar is owned by the lead singer in my band. He paid $800 for it. I have quite a few hours of experience playing this guitar.

To start off, this guitar sounds fantastic. The rosewood and engelmann combination is a great combination. It is very responsive and balanced throughout the ranges. The guitar is beautiful as well and has intricate inlay at the twelfth fret. It also has a nice abalone inlay around the rosette. It plays nicely and also has an LR Baggs Element pickup. The guitar sound great plugged in and even better unplugged.


Its built very well. Our guitar player is somewhat rough on this guitar and it is still going strong. From the quality of the woods to the hardware, the entire guitar is nothing but quality.

Overall, I don't think you can get a better guitar for under a $1000. It can easily stand next to an 8 or 9 series Taylor, and can stand next to most Martins 000's that cost 3 times as much. Good buy.

MattG rated this unit 5 on 2010-01-24.

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