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I bought the guitar from Pete Oakley's Music Centre, Burton on Trent, UK. I have been playing guitar for over 30 years and my current instruments were getting a bit worn and battered. I tried out a lot of different makes and models before choosing the Crafter (Takamine, Tanglewood, Faith, Indie and even a Martin). The Crafter beats the lot. The RRP for this model is 380 but it's worth shopping around - I paid substantially less.

Everything. This a superb instrument. It looks great, plays wonderfully and sounds brilliant. Response across all strings is excellent and intonation is true all the way up the fretboard (tested on computer). The ex factory set-up was virtually perfect (I tensed the truss rod approx quarter turn and took a very little off the bridge saddle but this was probably just me being fussy!). Action is now 3.5mm at 12th fret which is as good as you'll get on an acoustic - and with no string rattle with normal playing (plectrum or fingerpicking).

Nothing. (Please note that this model does not have a scratchplate - I prefer a guitar without because I think they always look a bit tacky but I know a lot of people like them - if you do, try a different Crafter model).

The TD06/N is a dreadnought style acoustic, not cutaway, with (invisible)inbuilt Headway active transducer (which sounds pure and natural through an acoustic amplifier). Top is solid Englemann spruce, back solid mahogony, sides laminated mahogony, soundhole decorated with wooden mosaic inlay, satin finish - workmanship throughout is excellent. A very elegant guitar (if you like lots of mother of pearl, Crafter do those too).

To summarize: A superb guitar with a wonderful tone. I would be proud to play this anywhere. If you are thinking of buying a good quality, medium priced guitar, try one of these first. It stands upto - and in my opinion, beats - all the near competition (and also beats guitars costing a great deal more!).

Simon rated this unit 5 on 2004-05-25.

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