Crafter PB-350/3TS Cruiser P-Bass Copy Reviews 5

I bought this bass from my local music shop Gig Sounds on Mitcham lane, south west london. It was for my 15th birthday and my first bass, I've had it for about 8 months now. It cost me 120 pounds technically, but the guy gave me that and a 70 amp for 170, so one was cheaper.

I love this bass because it plays so well. Sounds cliched maybe, but I think the copy is better than the original, at least as far as Squiers are concerned. This bass has a nicer neck, much easier to navigate about than the bulkier squier and I find the tone produced is nicer and all around more variable than my mates genuine squier P. The action is alot nicer on this bass than the squier and its easier to get a clear, ringing note. Its more weighty than the squier, but personally I like this as it feels more substantial.

It can be cumbersome sometimes because of its weight and having it resting on your leg for long periods of time can begin to hurt a little. The knobs come off easily although this may just be me. This really is all I can think of with this bass, its played perfectly so far and I love it. I'm not saying its the perfect bass but there's not much actaully wrong with it, just obviously not as good as more expensive models, bar the squier.

This bass has stood up to my thrashings about, I've broken 2 E-strings since I got it and yet the bass itself is in fine condition and still sounds perfect to me.

A definate alternative to the more expensive Squier. Best for beginners as it possibly could be a bit limited for the more advanced player. A good bass all around and if you want a cheap P-bass this is as far as you need to look.

Hamish Edmondson rated this unit 5 on 2004-04-26.

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