Crafter Cruiser Fender Style Guitar Reviews 5

I bought this guitar on ebay after searching throught the many bargains. After seeing this rather attractive strat style guitar i decided my aucostic days were over.

The guitar plays like a dream, along with the crafter 10-watt amp the distortion had my nieghbours at the door within five minutes. I love this guitar it is in a aqua blue and combined with the stylish 'Crafter' logo at the top this is an extremely attractive unit.

i havent came across any flaws but the tuning took a while to get used to.

the guitar could be continuessly smashed acrros a wall and be in a 'okish' good shape the bridge of the guitar is sturdy and has takin a few knocks with great recovery.

I strongly suggest people start thinking about buying one of the crafter lines as the sound, the lovely colour, and the amazing distortion blend together to make the ultimate starter guitar!

McVeigh! rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-23.

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