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I got this guitar for 114 from ebay, from a guy called guitarpeddler. (inc delivery)the guitar came in 2 days!

the guitar has an exceptionally warm tone in the neck pick-up, the bridge is very easy to adjust. The neck feels smooth and comfortable. The advantage of this guitar is the strat like shape which makes playing this guitar more comfortable that other guitars. Keeps tunning for along time when bridge is clamped down. The pick-ups are easily adjustable and give a good bright tone at a certain sweetspot.

This guitar came to me as a packag with a small practice amp, if you are buying this guitar, then buy it just own its own. Just buy a decent amp with this guitar and you have a fender stratocaster (nearly!). I recomment a proffesional setup as this guitar can have a high action from the factory. The tuning changes when using tremolo, but if you dont the you can clamp down the bridge and the tuning stays the same for a very long time.

This guitar is built like a tank, it doesn't break even when you drop it from standing distance. The pick-up screws and others screws nevr got loose, although the strap screw did got loose once. The guitar is very well put togther as well, the truss rod adjusts easily and the neck can be removed easily. When choosing strings, i recomend d'addario light gauge, although i use 11-49, these strings holds the bright tone longer than ernie ball slinkies.

This a great guitar for the beginner and also a professionay who wants a very good value for money guitar just for practises. Craftr is a brand that i now trust and i believe soon they will be noticed for their excellent guitars. It the brnad logo that my friends dont like, they know i got a near fender guitar, but without the price tag.

Nowfal rated this unit 5 on 2005-02-23.

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