Crate BX25 DLX Reviews 5

I found this amp sitting alone at Guitar Center on clearance for $118.97. It is a discontinued model so they dropped the price to near cost. I couldn't pass it up.

25 watts drives this amp pretty loud and two channels give you distortion and octivization. Full E.Q. allows good contour. Auxiliary imput(RCA), headphone jack and foot switch (not included) made the deal all the better. One really great feature is the built-in tuner on top of the unit. Easy to see and use. This unit as a whole isn't very heavy when you compare it to my guitar amp. 39 lbs. makes it easy to lug.

I'm a prick when it comes to tone. The more control and versatility the better. This unit has OK tone but could definatly use some help in that department. It's nothing a pre-amp wouldn't fix.

It feels well put together but crate has a reputation for falling apart after two or three years. Taking this into consideration almost prevented me from buying the unit but it seems to hold up to my carelessness.

If you find it for under $150, pick it up, it's definetly worth it. I read some where that someone paid $279.99. Kinda expensive for only 25 watts. Overall, good practice amp for the price.

Arno rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-08.

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