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$160 at Guitar Center. I needed a amp that would be able to keep up with drums and that doesn't ruin the sound of my bass. I play a Schecter Stiletto Elite 4 and it sounds awesome through the amp.

I like everything about it. The controls are easy once you understand what each knob is for. The size makes it seem like a jych more powerful amp than 50W. The built in distortion effects actually sound really nice compared to a lot of amps that have that "overdrive" effect. The built in tuner is so easy to use and I'm glad b/c i didnt have a chromatic tuner.

I don't like the fact that it can be awkward when trying to move it. First you have to put it on its side and then you can hold on to the handle. I also wish it had a chorus effect instead of the octave effect. Sort of gives it an 8-string bass kind of feel though, still pretty cool.

WEll, when i brought it home it was in the manufacturer's box and was kind of awkward carrying it and i ended up having to flip it over and around a lot. But nothing was damaged. I really like the sound i can get out of it. I used to use my bass knobs to control the sound bu now the amp takes are of everything.

I am definitely happy to have purchased this amp. It didn't take me long to decide which amp I wanted and this one was it. If you need a medium sized amp for general purposes like small band practices or anything like that, this is the amp.

iostream_H rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-08.

Paid $220.00 used for this amp from a friend that was upgrading his amp to a bigger unit.

Size, tone, features, and its LOUD! The 50 watts really produces the sound! Build quality is second to none. They did this right. Plugging a Fender passive P Bass or Jazz into this thing and you can get a great selection of tones with a simple twist of a knob or two. Built in Octave effect and distortion channels controlled by a footswitch.

Serious design flaw / lack of critical feature... Lack of a padded input option. I never noticed until I upgraded to an Active bass. Running an active bass on any volume setting past whisper makes this thing give awful feedback. This isn't a problem with passive instruments though. This is far from an annoyance, this is a show stopper of a problem. This makes this amp virtually useless with active basses. Crate REALLY needs to include this feature in these models. (hint to Crate, FIX THIS!!!!!). Minor quibble time... Single side mounted handle forces you to rotate the amp on its side while picking it up. This can be hard on your wrist. Crate needs to move the handle to the top, or use a side mount on each side.

Just like every other St. Louis Music product I have ever seen. Can take a nuclear blast, get dusted off, and keep rockin'! The trade off here is like with all other crates that I know of, and Ampegs too, this thing is HEAVY for it's size / wattage. This tradeoff gives you a very solidly made unit. Just make sure you have a good hand truck to move it around...

I loved this amp before I went to an active bass, and have since traded it in on a BX100, which I will review later when I am fully versed in its features and quality... If you own an active bass, DO NOT BUY THIS AMP! Its a great unit for passive bass players, but the lack of a padded input makes this thing useless with active basses. Crate really should fix this problem and reissue the amp. This is a mid priced amp, that should work with mid priced basses. So how about it Crate, are you going to fix the problem?

Sickies Friend rated this unit 3 on 2004-01-28.

In need of a bigger amp for bigger sound, I forked over $269.00 to Guitar Center for this bad boy.

The sound. 50 watts doesn't sound like a lot. Hook it up in a small club or garage for practice, and barely turn it up to 25% volume and stuff starts falling off of the walls. This thing has proved to be very flexible as far as adjustability goes. The build quality is second to none. Turn it up all the way, and couples in the back of the club farthest away from the stage are going to have trouble talking over this thing. Getting heard over a live drummer? No problem. If you are in the market for a small gig amp. THIS is the amp you want to try. Customer service? They have been cool. Mine was missing stuff from the box when I got it. Missing owner's manual? Sent right off. Missing foot pedal? Sent right over. Crate has been totally cool with this stuff. And to top it all off. There is that tuner built into the top of the amp. Great for keeping tabs on how hard you are playing. One of the basses I play tends to get out of tune after being played too hard. Good way to stay in check. Did I mention the sound? Full and smoothe when you want it on the clean channel, and completely crunchy and wild on the distortion channel. Playing around with Jazz, Blues, Metal, Punk, and Country, this thing does it all with style and a great sound!

The side mounted handle. Like all of the other amps this size, this thing is reasonably heavy at 45 plus pounds, and trying to keep all of that weight, along with trying to keep your power cord in check, while trying to rotate and pick it up without scuffing it is not fun.

It could probably take a nuclear blast with only minor nicks and scratches from flying debris.

Two things. Yes I know this is my second review of this amp. I felt the first one left out too much. If you want an amp for doing the small club, party, church band thing, this is THE amp you want. If you are looking at doing anything bigger then you need to look at a bigger amp. I see this particular amp in use by a lot of local bands, and after having had mine for a while now, I know why. Buy one, be happy, play well, get bigger gigs, buy a bigger amp...

Super Dave 3006 rated this unit 5 on 2003-09-29.

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