Crate CR-285B Head Reviews 5

I purchased a Squier P-bass because I was just starting to play bass, but I already have been playing electric guitar for a few years. I needed a good bass amp, so I found a Crate head and cab. The cab is big, a nice 2x15 cab! The head matches the cab and works well with each other. I bought them together at a used music store for only $400.00.

I like the head because it has a lot of features for a bass head. It includes gain and presence control and other main controls like volume and the eq. Behind the head there is the input to plug it into the cab and also comes with its own electrical outlet! I find the outlet very useful. I put an adapter in it and now i plug my wireless system along with my rack tuner. I also play guitar in a band so I needed a loud amp so I tried my guitar with my bass amp and it sounds amazing, I asked my guitar teacher if it was safe and it was. I use the cab for a PA speaker also. This unit has a lot of good things to it.

I like everything about the head, but it has too much bass to it. When I'm on stage I always have to turn the bass control down halfway, it sucks, but it still has a good sound to it.

The head and cab are both very durable, I always drag it up and down my steps because it is way too heavy to carry(the cab that is). The edges of both also have metal plating so you don't bang it up too much. The head has a nice, strong handle and the cab includes 4 smooth wheels.

This head and cab is a very good buy, I recommend it to any bass/guitar player especially ones who like to rock it out loud and live.

Brian Houssock rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-30.

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