Crate DLX 50 Reviews 5

I got this amp from a local music store for only $250 which is VERY cheap for an amplifier of this quality.

I love most everything about this amp. The dirty channel sounds very well on an amp for this price. It has deep sound that can make any bass sound 10 times better than it really is. All you have to do is put it up to 4 on master and you can play eisly over your drummer.It is also very strong.

there is only one thing about this amp that buggs me and that is it's weight. It is frustrating to move this amp around with no sode handles. other than that this amp is perfect for an intermediet player.

THIS AMP CANNOT BE BROKEN!!!! I have dropped it numerous times and it barely has a scratch. You could run this amp over with a car and it would be fine.

Overall i think that this amp is a great deal that you should persue. It is too good of an offer to pass by.

matt noordhoff rated this unit 5 on 2004-02-11.

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