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I needed a VERY portable practice amp, so I bought this one on sale at Guitar Center for $49.00

Tiny size, very light. Good build quality. Great sound for the wattage / size of the amp. For being a meager 10 watts, this thing produces good, solid tone. No it does not sound anywhere near as good as my larger amp. But then again I don't get a hernia when I lift this into the back of my truck. As a matter of fact it will actually fit behind the seat in my standard cab Ford Ranger mini truck. I am just learning to slap the bass, and I get all the tone I want for slappin' out of this, without the rumbling volume of the bigger amp. Other married guys can sympathise with this. This amp buys me domestic tranquility when my wife is practicing the piano... I am not distracting her, she isn't distracting me.

Might just be a little to lean in the wattage department. But I wanted a TINY amp, that I could easily toss in the car and go instead of wrestling my BX50DLX when playing with friends that have small guitar amps...

Typically excellent Crate build quality. I have had Crates in the past, and will stick with them as I grow in my experience and needs. Until I outgrow their stuff... I like the look, and solid feel of these units.

If you want a portable practice amp that is easy to tote, and don't need the feel it in your chest and watch the ceiling plaster shake factor, then this is a great amp. If you can only afford ONE amp, don't bother though. Even as a beginner, you will quickly outgrow this amp. This is a purpose built amplifier, and it serves its purpose better than any others I have tried, and if you catch them on sale, they are down right cheap... I am going to rate this amp a 5, in comparison to other 10 watt or so practice amps. This thing would be a -2 compared to my bigger amp.

Super Dave 3006 rated this unit 5 on 2003-09-29.

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