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i needed a new amp because i was playing on a practice amp... so i went to guitar center and got this amp for my birthday, it cost 180.

i like the unit overall. It is heavy and big but its also durable. it has dual inputs, gain, shape, 4 band eq, master volume, and headphone and speaker jacks. i think that the sound i wanted is portrayed by this amp perfectly. it has a warmth to it which is from the shape function, and the eq really makes the difference. and its loud... trust me 50 watts gets you far here. (on volume 5 basement was shaking) it has a side handle for carrying easier. if you are undecided whether to buy this amp or not, id say go for it. its really an awesome amp.

nothing.... it really is a great amp..... or nothing so far anyway

built like a tank, this think has to be able to take hits and act like it was nothing. the tolex is a great finish and keeps it protected.

awesome amp... go for it its really worth it . i trust crate and this is an example of that. i would buy this amp over a thousdand times.

Paul rated this unit 5 on 2004-05-27.

I was looking for a bigger bass amp. I found this puppy at guitar center for 240.

It is perfect for playing in a band. Im in a punk band and needed a amp to get me over the drums. With the 12 inch speaker this gets it over at level 5 or 6. 4 band EQ is great along with the contour and gain controls.

It's heavy and bulky, but so are all other 50 watt amps.

Wonderfully built. Like a tank. Great sound out of the box and no problems so far.

GREAT amp for the up-in-comming musician. Great for bands.

Jackson rated this unit 5 on 2003-07-21.

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