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I've been playing guitar for about 2 years now, and I practice like CRAZY! In my past as a musician, my parents both got music degrees, and they put me on piano and trumpet. I personally went for Guitar.

I got this guitar from a friend, who was purchasing a Fender Squier, and was starting to play guitar (he got the Crate Electra from his older brother who got a Epiphone Les Paul). This guitar is very well done for how cheap it looks. Right now, this guitar sells for 50 bucks. Personally, I want to get a Epiphone SG, but for a beginners guitar, this thing is amazing!

The Guitar is classy! If you play clean, it has a gorgious tone through a Peavy Amp. As you plug it into a BOSS distortion pedal and you put the volume(on the pedal) down and put the distortion and tone up all the way, you get a classy AC/DC or classic guitar sound!

The frets are different from other guitars, I played this for 2 years now, and I pick up an Epiphone or even a Fender, and the frets on them feel weird, and those are the frets your SUPOSSED to use, now (if I'm spelling wrong, I'm sorry!) that is one reason why this guitar isn't that great. Another reason is that the humbuckers have good tone, but can be worn easily, I sent the guitar in right when I got it, and they said they had to mess around with the wires cause one of the humbuckers had worn, they eventually just replaced the wires (they didn't have any Strat or Squier Humbuckers to put in at the time).

I explained the frets in the con section. The quality is ok, and the finish is pretty good, but if you are looking for a good LOOKING guitar for cheap, go with an Epiphone or a Squier.

The Crate is about 3 stars for me, barely three stars, If it wasn't for the tone, I would give it 1 star.

Guitar Guy rated this unit 2 on 2011-01-10.

Well I started playing about 7 years ago. I play anything from jazz to metal. I've been in a couple of funk and a couple of metal bands. I have several guitars. A PRS Modern Eagle, A Jackson KE2 Kelly, an Epiphone Epiphone (Not Gibson Epiphone) Goth SG, a Crate Electra, and a Mexican Fender Strat.

I got the Crate Electra as a surprise present in fall of 2003. It was from my brother which I hadn't seen in years and bought me a guitar. He thought that I JUST began playing. I bet he paid around 100 dollars for it.

I really didn't like anything about the guitar except that it had two single coils and one humbucker. A Fat Strat set-up.

I hated how dull the pick-ups sounded. It went out of tune a lot too. It discouraged me a bit.

Really shoddy quality and construction if you ask me. The pick-up switch always fell off, and

Overall I don't recomend this guitar to anybody, not even beginners. I know that when I started out, I got really discouraged because the shoddy guitar I had didn't have the sound of others. I say endulge a little bit more.

Chep rated this unit 1 on 2006-08-15.

i got this guitar in a pack with an amp and tuner and a bunch of crap i payed around 350$ canadian

for the price its a very good quality guitar i like the humbucker on it and the tremolo bridge it look exactly like a fender except the headstock is a different shape

i dont like the amp it came with it has a good clean channel but the distortion is too muddy also the to single coil (middle and neck) make the most annoying buzzing sound when selected probably because its poor wiring i dont think its the pickups themselves because if you select both the neck and the middle it sounds clear so its probably some poor wiring in the pickup selector thats why i only use the humbucker which works out for me because i like rock

good quality guitar maple neck rosewood fretboard alder body i think

bottom line great guitar for beginers if your planning on buying it then just change the amp eventually and get the wiring fixed and thats all

Julien rated this unit 4 on 2003-12-23.

I have played guitar for about 2 years now, and wanted to start playing an electric. So, off to the stores I went in search of a new axe. After hours of car travel, and even more time spent testing the so called, "starter sets", I found the Crate Electra Tour Set at Madison Music, a small guitar shop in Madison WI. With the amp upgrade I paid about $280.00 for it. Some nice X-mas gift!

This guitar ROCKS! I spent alot of time doing research and playing other guitars, but I have to say; for a player on a budget this is the ultimate! It comes loaded with standard high-output single coils, and a rear double-coil humbucker, something those cheap Squires'(fender starters) don't have. The guitar itself is full of body and seems to have more punch than other guitars I have played in the past. Some packs have the standard GX-10, a nice amp, but the overdrive could use alot more punch. The GX-15pro on the other hand has tons of impact. It just depends if you want it! And if you buy a killer axe like this, use all that money you saved to go out and buy a smashbox(SM7) or other cool FX pad.

Other than the fact that the standard amp is weak, there is nothing I can think of. Just get the upgraded GX-15/GX-15pro.

Rather than a poorly made "low priced" guitar, this baby makes the cut. When matching it up with big names like; Ibanez, Fender, and others the results were great. The construction is top-of-the-line!,and the quality couldn't be better. It just plays like a dream and its sounds run best with effect pads and whatever else you want to play with.

The bottom line is, if you are looking for your first electric, or just a player on a budget, this is the guitar for you. A name on the headstock isn't going to make the axe sound better. So get out there and play!

Sawyer Heiman rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-25.

I got this guitar in a strat pack for christmas about 2 years ago, it is one of the best guitars ive ever played, it was a great value (about $230), and a great guitar.

I love it, when i first got it was very happy to have my first guitar, and after 2 years there is absolutly nothing wrong with it. To anyone thinking of getting a first guitar, get this one, it never fails.

The strap is kind of annoying, so i just got a new one for 10 bucks. The amp distortion isnt to great, but its not horrible, and the regular tone is crisp and perfect.

It never has gotten a scratch and i play it at least 2 hours a day. It doesnt have anything wrong with it, and for those of you thinking of getting a fender squier for the name, screw it, those are poorly made, the E gets stuck on the frets, and its a headache. Very well made Crate.

Very well made guitar High Quality Sounds good with clean sound, if you want god distortion amp that comes with it is decent. For a starting guitarist and for a backup for gigs, get this guitar!

Timmyoj rated this unit 5 on 2002-07-29.

I bought this guitar as a starter. I honestly didn't think it would turn out to be anything excellent since it came with an amp, headphones, cords, strap, picks, and a instructional video for $149.

You can't beat the value. Everything is here that you need to get started. Also, the guitar has double coil pickups.

Looks like a Fender, but sure doesn't play like one. I especially don't like the tuning gears.

Lets face it. How much quality do you really expect for $149 without the amp, cords, etc. You get what you pay for. The pickups sound dull compaired to other guitars and you'll be fighting with the tuning gears until you decide to use the guitar as a fly swatter. Also, the intonation goes out about twice a week. But, it is a GOOD guitar for a beginner. You learn how to do maintenence while you learn how to play.

Bottom line is if you are not a beginner, then don't bother. Go with something else if you are an intermediate or above.

schroeder206 rated this unit 2 on 2002-04-14.

I saved up my lawn mowing so i could bye it. I Got ot at mars music and i paid 500 dollars for it. It was a great price.

Tt has many great qualitys because of the five setting toggle switch and it has great sound and the intoneation with other player is great. it is always in tune.And it has tow tone switchs that are great to use when you are playing ballads and many great others.

I don't like that the strap on it keeps falling off

ohh it was put together very nicely. Never losta screw or anything

i like my unit alot

Nathan Bronson rated this unit 5 on 2002-02-18.

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