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well i'm a beginner and all. went with my mom to pick out a guitar at guitar center. then my mom embarrased me saying i was a beginner. so the clerk name mike said that this set comes with everything and its cheep. so i said why not get it. the whole set comes with picks headphones tuner and amp. i thought beginner sets suck but wait until u try this guitar. the feel the look and the touch is auwsome. it featured a double coil and 2 open coil pickups which is realy good for a variety of tones. and it feels like a fender but better believe me it's true. i realy recommend getting this guitar start out and become a legend. by: dookiezfleez

the tone is great the look is great the guitar itself is auwsome.

the amp it came with sucks ass. i tried the guitar with another amp 65 watts and it was perfect.

i think the guitar looks too much like a fender. i thought it was a copy.

it's a great beginners guitar i realy recommend getting. it got me playing at my school and they dont like loud instruments.

DOOKIEZFLEEZ rated this unit 4 on 2002-02-19.

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