Crate Electra Tour Pack Reviews 4

This is my very first electric guitar. I purchased it just before starting a music summer program in Summer of 2001. It was on sale for $199.99 with the amp included at the Towson, MD guitar center on Joppa Road.

This guitar is great for getting an early Clash style chainsaw roar, as well as jazzy, melodic tones. I guess it suits my needs pretty well, as I play in a heavy garage/punk band. Sounds pretty good with my Crate 15 watt amp I acquired a few years after purchasing this unit. Plus, it has a price that can't be beat. It also can maintain high volumes on solos and single note riffs, something the squire strat cannot.

The guitar has become hard to tune recently, and feeds back uncontrollably when used with an effect pedal live.

It feels cheaply made, but it is purchased for a value price.

A good buy for a first guitar, though you might want to move on to see what fender has a few years later in your guitar playing lifetime.

Mac rated this unit 4 on 2004-09-25.

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