Crate G1600XL Half Stack Reviews 5

Here we go. I got this bad mutha (shut yo mouth!) from a friend who used to play guitar and has now given it up. Im currently still paying for it (Im a cheapskate). Price you ask? A huge $450 bucks! Its 150 watts (300 max) and can produce some of the wickedest sounds imaginable! The reason I got it was because my other head (A Peavey Mark 3) had caught on fire or something and I just couldnt let my band down. Next box.....

This amp is perfect for the band. We play kinda grungy emo core. It is very versatile. It can go from a Ice clean beautiful twang to a sound only matched my godzilla's LOUD ROAR!!!! ROARRRRRRRRRR! I cant turn the thing up past 3 or my ears will bleed. The head is the extra large size so that it fits the 4 X 12 cab perfect. Covered with a black fur type deal (Hell, I dont know what its called!) and hard plastic corners (good for taking a bump). Ive never had any problems with it so far in my 3 to 4 mo's of owning it. If you ever get a chance to get one of these babies, dont hesitate, no matter what music you play.

Well, the only thing I can think about is the hassle that came with paying for it. Every week I have this guy (my exfriend) calling me up with his mob like voice and attitude saying (imagine Al Pacino) "Hey wassup. you got any money for me?" lol. The actual amp has no flaws Ive found yet.

Built to last, thats for sure. This amp is the tank of all tanks. I cant imagine anything happening to it in any condition. It would probably blow out the flame if it caught on fire. I dont know what Its made of, could be titanium. I treat this amp like my kid so nothing will ever happen to it (although I cant say the same for my guitars!) The best thing that has came into my possesion in a while. I shall not ever sell this amp unless something comes up in the family.

This amp is great, there is no need in spending those thousands of dollars on those Mesa's and Marshall's. This is the amp for you, I have new found trust in Crate as amp producers. They have gained my trust. I always wanted those big Marshall stacks or those Mesa triple Rectifiers but now I have no need for those. I have my trusty Crate!

Ron Harris rated this unit 5 on 2001-06-26.

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