Crate GFX 212T Reviews 5

I bought this at guitar center for $420 flat.. Killer price for this awesome amp. This amp rules. It's all u'll need for the rest of ur life unless ur a pro gigger. It's the perfect amp for those power hungrey jammers like me. LOUD!!

I love everything. Free footswitch and 16 digital effects. These include Killer wah and delay. This amp has the best sounding distortion I think. Even better then Marshall stacks 2x the price and size. This amp can go loud w/o distorting the sound quality. I put it on #4 outta 10 and my ears were ringin for hours later. It's the best amp for the price for a weekend gigging musician.

i don't like the weight of the amp. Too heavy all toghter. not easy to carry around. But other then that it has nomore faults.

Quality of thin unit is awesome. Made really well and withstands lots of abuse when being played. really great AMP!!!!!

BUY IT!!!!!!! Only 400 man thats a deal.

Joshua rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-30.

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