Crate GFX-212T Reviews 5

I have been a semi pro musician for 17 years. I own 3 amps and 2 pa systems. I play all Gretch guitars as I worked with Gretch Guitar productions for 4 years and buy at cost.

I bought it from a semi pro friend, who would love to get it back now. SORRY SIMON!

It has power beyond similar 120 watt amps. It's clear channel is just what a professional gigging musician or recording studio needs from a "CLEAR" channel. It's effects are almost equal to individual stomboxes.

There is nothing not to like. It's wide, but if you want a pair of 12" speakers, then you need wide! Not really very heavy for it's size.

Constructed to last and last!

I would never sell this amp! NEVER! Nothing can quite replace it, from what i've seen?

Rick Strong rated this unit 5 on 2008-03-22.

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