Crate GLX 1200H Head Reviews 5

I paid $900 for this amp which included the standard Crate 4x12 half stack cab

I did exaustive research before purchasing and have now owned the amp for 6 months. I have been playing it constantly with my rock band and am now more certain than ever that this is the BEST solid state amp for the money. I wouldn't trade it for anyting. The built in digital effects are phenomanal and versitle since it has programable channel tracking which essentially means you can pre program effects for given songs and control it all with your foot switch. The on board tuner is more useful than I imagined. Imagine playing a live gig on stage, and glancing back at your amp which is 15 feet away, and with that glance being able to see if you are in tune or not... that's my reality. Oh, the mute button is great too... Why don't other amps have this feature??? You can't beat the sound

Anyone who owns this amp knows that it's perfect

The quality is unmatched. No problems with it whatsoever

If you aren't a serious musician who is playing actual shows, than don't worry about this amp. If you are a serious musican in a band who is playing shows then this half stack is a must have. The reason I wouldn't trade my 900 dollar crate half stack for a 2500 Marshall, is because the Marshall doesn't have all the added ingenius features that I've grown so used to and now couldn't live without

Garrett rated this unit 5 on 2003-10-20.

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