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I bought it at Guitar Center for somewhere around $150. Worth every penny.

The clean channel is nice and smoothe. You can play it bluesy or twangy by adjusting the very responsive bass, mid, and treble controls. Spring reverb sounds great, and the chorus sounds good and is a nice little extra. The distortion on the amp is pretty good but not enough to rival my Boss MD-2.

Maybe add a control for the chorus level. Thats about it, overall its a nice amp.

Well I'm very careful with all my guitar equipment so unlike many of the reviews I've read on here, I've never dropped it out the back of a truck or van, but I'm sure that if I did it would still work. Solid Crate construction, though I'd prefer it to have metal corners than the plastic it has.

Great sound, good construction, plenty of stuff to tinker with. This is a good 2nd amp, right after you get rid of the piece of crap you start with. It's loud enough to play with a drummer (if you put the volume at 8 and use a distortion pedal) but you can play it whisper quiet and still get good low end. Overall a worthwhile buy.

Jerry Mono rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-22.

Looking at Amps for my Grandaughter for the last month or so, was in and out of guitar stores that had it all,Guitarland was where I ended up with the Crate MX 20 RC a cord or two with one of there Guitars had me convinced that this would be what she would want.It was very clean, with volume cranked,Reverb was plesant with good control Hopeing that her parents get use to its great sound, This was an upgrade for her and the Price was a plesant 189.00 for me.

Sid Garant rated this unit 5 on 2003-02-11.

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