Crate MX-65R Reviews 2

I purchased this amp out of the Musician's Friend catolog. I don't reccomend buying amps from there, but i did. I bought it because my crappy Rogue wasn't doin' justice. What I was looking for was an amp that could do both loud and soft.

This amp has the usual 3-channel eq per channel. it has three channels (two dist/one clean). the clean channel is really clean, and the distortions are really good. it is light for it's size.

I was a bit dissapointed with this amp. this is not the amp that can do both loud and soft. it can do loud, but i would suggest using either an extension cab or putting a better speaker in it. second, the reverb just sucks. i mean, don't spend the extra twenty bucks to get reverb in this amp; it's horrible. i mean, when you accidentally hit the top of the amp while it's on, the springs rattle inside causing an ear-pearcing sound to come through the speaker.

well, it is made of some cheap particle board w/ an even cheaper cover, but it is rugged. i have spilt it and hit it, but it still works. the internal speaker is way to unpowerfull. I guess the sound quality is what you'd expect from a $250 amp.

Well, if i was to buy an amp again, it wouldn't be this one. This amp is a medium amp making unrealistic claims of being soft and trying to play with the big boys with loudness. it does neither one of those. but, i guess it's just not what i need; maybe you'd like it.

SamDaMann rated this unit 2 on 2003-08-15.

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