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I bought it at Guitar Center, VA. I got it for $350US. I got it for my bands gigs.

I am very pleased with it. I needed something that could crank up really loud to compete with my other band members marshal half stack. Let me tell you, through this amp up on a stand and tilt it back and you'll be able to tear up with those stacks. Its got great tone on clean, and then the distortion on this thing is amazing. You'll be very pleased at how heavy the distortion on this is. With the 3 channel footswitch for the distorions and reverb (which is great too) I have been very pleased with it. Its def. worth it. PS - Play with a Danelectro Octave Distortion pedal. Amazing!

There isn't much I don't like about it. Because of the volume this thing can achieve its hard to get it soft. Once you get it low enough to play around with inside your house its pretty good.

It seems durable. Its big. I'm very careful with my stuff though, so its great for me.

This amp is great for bands who gig. I'm in a hard Christian rock band and its an awsome amp. If you want to hear it check out my website and download one of my bands songs. I play rythm.

Dave of Theopilus ---- Roanoke Bible College rated this unit 5 on 2003-02-17.

I received a special invite for preferred customers at Guitar Center about six months ago. This amp was on sale for 200$. That's the basic reason I bought it. IT was cheap, sounded good, and powerful.

-Incredible distortion channel-lots of balls and saturation -Weight is not overbearing -Cheap -Very easy to operate

-at high volume, when the proprietary(sp?)circuit is at its highest(metal sound) you tend to get drowned out by everyone else -the reverb at high volume tends to saturate your sound too much

-heavy duty construction with tolex covering -very durable

great amp for a great price good for small gigs or band practice also good for the people who cherish simplistic amps

matt c rated this unit 4 on 2002-08-14.

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