Crate MX120R Amplifier Reviews 5

Got this off of for $299.00 right before they discontinued that line of amps. needed a loud amp to play mostly punk (and some other shit).

Decent distortion. You can really get some good palm-muting sounds and power chords sounds really full. Nice, clear, clean channel. Pretty loud and very affordable. Nice Reverb.

If you try to tap, it chokes out. Useless effects loop (you need a "Y" cord and can only use one effect). If you put the gain past 5 on the lead channel, you'll get a ball-busting, moaning feed back which is very annoying. And when you wanna add an extension cab of any kind, the internal speakers automatically shut off.

Tough as nails. Fell outta the back of my dad's SUV when i opened the door, a minor scratch! Put casters on this thing cuz its a heavy fucker. Cheap ass little handle doesn't help much.

Great amp for the price. Versatile (From The Casualties, NOFX, Rancid and The Adicts to ACDC, Metallica, and Pink Floyd, this amp can handle it pretty fairly). If ur gonna buy this amp, leave the gain at no higher than 5, and you'll be able to get good distortion. Good amp and cheap price.

Glenn Danzig rated this unit 5 on 2004-08-10.

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