Crate MX120R Guitar Amplifier Reviews 5

I bought it on for $266, because it was a scratch and dent item.

I think that this is the greatest guitar combo amplifier ever! It has beautiful distortion, and an even better clean channel. The reverb sounds exquisite, and the 3 button footswitch is a fantastic touch. The 120 watt, 2 speaker amp gives Crate a good name, and will give you a good sound if you get it. I got mine used, and it's the best!

The only problem is when you're not playing with the distortion on, there's a noise that sounds like an ocean when it's loud, and a buzz when it's quiet. If you're playing, it's unnoticeable, but the distortion's great, and if you want it to go away, just push the button off. That's it.

It's a strong unit. There's a little mark on it, but it's great. and the back area by the speakers is huge, giving plenty of room to store cords if you're going to a show, or for any traveling purposes. It's a 50 pound amp, but it's worth lugging around.

If you need a loud amp for a small price, get this amp. even if you don't need a loud amp for a small price, get it anyway, because it's that good. The best ever.

Brian ( rated this unit 5 on 2003-02-06.

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