Crate MX15R Reviews 5

I went to guitar center i needed an amp tried it before, loved it, then i bought it

the distortion is the best i ever heard its so versatile it can go real heavy(metal) to very soft(punk) mainly becuase of the equalizer and on top of that it bring far as how loud it petty loud i play mines at volume level 4 and it fill my room if i go any highe my mom start b**ching one played at full blast and my ears started to hurt after like 10 minutes

the manufactures is no specific about the watts it say 12+watt butt trust me it loud i would say its 15

this thing is like a safe notting can hurt it

if u want a good practice amp with the best distortion ever GET IT!!!!! as far as im concerned im sticking with crate my next and final amp is a Crate MX120R 120 watts of raw power

Adel Fernandez rated this unit 5 on 2003-06-18.

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