Crate MX65R Reviews 4

When I bought this amp I was 14 years old...wait... i still am 14. Anyway, I love this amplifier. I bought it because I needed something while I just started learning that had power and quality.

I love this amp. It has power. 65w of it. Its on the light side, weighing 34lbs. Nice controls make it easy to get "your sound". 3 way switching. Comes with a foot pedal.

Theres really not a whole lot i dislike about this amp. Except that it's not good to use when playing in a band because, since I play punk you cant hear it much over the drums, but u still can just not as much as I want to hear it. Thats the reason why i picked up the MX120R.

Nice Cab and Controls. High quality. This amp can definatly take a beating. I LIT IT ON FIRE ONCE lol with colgne for a show. I dont suggest you do so but i did ;). Definatly a must have for the price.

Overal, a wonderful amplifier.

Matt Zappia rated this unit 4 on 2002-12-17.

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