Crate RFX-65 Combo Reviews 5

ive been playing guitar for 33 years Love to play in rock/jazz/fusion /blues/ballads,bands just all kinds if its sound good i'm in a blues band right now I have all kind of amps an guitars

bought it guitar center looking for a clean sounding amp with some dist,played about everything from about $250-700 and this one sounded better even some tube amp. this is a solid state amp and it just rocks it can get any sound ,jazz/blues/rock country-clean its nice looking too paid $300.00 out the door

everything/not to heavy/ reverb is good 1st channel to the 2nd 3rd dist all use able..

dials are alittle flimsy

good all around except the dials

i have used it at a gigs with out a back up works fine took it to jamm session 5-6 times everybody there had tube amps expencive ones and no one new it to be a solid state they came and said what a great sound what kind of tubes in there I just Laugh... thanks

Lorenzo rated this unit 5 on 2008-05-21.

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