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48lb., 50Watt, 23"Wx19"Hx10"D Class A/B Tube Amp. Purchased due to constant adjustments on previous solid state amp. Found Tube Amp LIGHTYEARS ahead of solid state modeling amp as far as tone. I needed the bass and slight fuzz to offer depth of compositions in bass and mid ranges. Moved from Spider 112 (Model Amp) to this Class A/B Tube amp due to the inherent richness, tone, volume. I purchased unit at Guitar Center in Denver, CO for $790 (+tax) Comparisons found in Summary section --->

Quality of sound in all volume ranges. Depth of sound in all tone ranges. Effects Processers allow "voicing" and accurately reflect musical interests from Steely Dan, Earl Kluge, CSN, Kottke, Legg, AC/DC, Van Halen, and good Acoustic reflection with piezo pickup in Classical guitar.

Cost. But I don't regret making a purchase that will last my lifetime. Lack of dual inputs such as found in the Fender Tubes...

Great. Made in US. Quality in every component...Tube Specs: 12AX7A (Preamp), EL34 (Power). See internet site: www.crateamps.- for specs on V-Series.

This one adds effects, but with tube depth. I like the clean front look. Compare with (all tube amps only) Marshall DSL401, Marshall AVT150, and Fender Hot Rod 212.

Chris rated this unit 5 on 2003-02-02.

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