Crate VC 112 Reviews 4

Bought it used for 350 bucks at a music store. I was looking for a tube combo with some decent tone and wattage.

Although I don't think Crate has ever made a good solid state amp, these old VC's aren't too bad. They pack awesome tone. This model has class A power, which is a major plus. The distortion is nice smooth, growly tube distortion.

The distortion isn't too over the top. For heavier stuff, I always throw down a distortion pedal. I should probably change out the tubes, they seem kinda tempermental. One day they have hard hitting, ice-pick-sounding high end. The next day they're loaded with low end and seem a little weak on the highs. The absolute worst thing about this amp is the fact that it weighs almost 50 pounds. I can't even imagine lugging around the two speaker, fifty watt model. I had some back pain for a few days after playing my first show with it.

Rock solid contruction. It's so heavy, I expect that it should be pretty much impenetrable. The front isn't too overdone. I could see someone easily ripping it by accident, but that's how all amps are without a metal grill.

If you can manage the weight, or find someone to lug it around for you, then you've got it made. No shredding distortion, but all the tone you will ever need. Volume is unbelievable. Those 30 Class A watts go a long way.

rated this unit 4 on 2005-01-13.

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